What Book? 7

"It was no fun for him if I did not scream and beg." — Sherri Tepper Book and context?

"To drink the dose at the first intermission, drift away into death with glorious music accompanying her—" Lackey. Context?

"You know the sort of kind heart: it made him uncomfortable more often than it made him do anything ... " J.R.R. Tolkien. Story?

"CAROLINA CONGRESSMAN COPS BEAUTY CROWN." Robert Heinlein. Book and context?

"They knew they were doomed, but they did the right thing anyway, trying to make the world a little better." Dianne Duane. Context?

"There is no one right way." Mercedes Lackey. How many different places can you find this?

"She had forgotten a lot about planets, Marna decided less than a day after returning to Riya." Sue Ann Bowling. Context?