What Book? 13

All of these quotes were from a single book, Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers. I didn't plan it that way; I was looking for the quote about the chessmen and was overwhelmed by twitter-sized quotes. So I just stuck with the one book, close to the last of the books about Lord Peter, and in fact close to the end of Dorothy Sayers' mystery writing career.

Dorothy Sayers was a Christian scholar, one of the first women to receive a degree from Oxford, and the story is set in a fictitious women's college in that University. Lord Peter has been wooing Harriet (a mystery writer) ever since her first appearance in Strong Poison, and she also played a pivotal role in Have His Carcase. This book is as much a romance as a mystery.

 "The first thing a principle does is to kill somebody."

"The confidante has a very heavy and thankless task."

 "This goes to prove that even minor poetry may have its practical purposes."

"I loved them, and you gave them to me."

"What would that matter, if it made a good book?"

"The protective male? He was being about as protective as a can-opener."

And my one different book and author: "Guiltily, he reached for the damaged tissues and began Healing the injury." Bowling.