Examiner.com: April 20

First Amazon.com review: five stars!
May 24

 "If you're looking for a science Fiction adventure that has some thought behind it, I highly recommend this story."
Reader Views Review

"A completely original story, with both fresh ideas and sound science."
Clarion ForeWord Reviews

"This novel's characters may have complex backgrounds, but by the end of the tale they've all become dear to the reader. The questions they face are as relevant here and now as to their distant lives—duty, love, freedom, honor, security, fatherhood—and the detailed world they inhabit is almost real."
Sheila Deeth on Gather

"Do yourself a favor - READ THIS BOOK!"
Denz Ramblings

"If you like science fiction, this is an amazing read. The story twists and turns, with action and adventure, and the characters step right off the page. I would think a book club or reading group would find this an interesting and attractive reading addition for their members."
Leslie Wright, Blogcritics
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"Bowling has the science chops, with degrees in physics and geophysics, but the real strength of her writing comes from her characterizations — which is the main reason I'm including it here on this blog as a recommended book. While some may be put off initially by the otherworldliness of the setting, Bowling does a good job of explaining her imaginary world, leaving us with what is simply a great story. My advice to readers: hang with it and enjoy the journey. Anything that doesn't make sense at first will be explained! In other words, you don't have to like sci fi to enjoy this book."
Nadine Feldman, A Woman's Nest

Tourist Trap:

"Tourist Trap" is a great read for anyone that wants motivation and feeling to accompany the action in their sci-fi adventure. Alien beings and super powers are an integral part of Roi's story but what makes this novel really shine is the heart. Nobody is good or evil just because that's their assigned role. Just like in real life, everyone has their own motivations and desires, and Bowling does a great job of letting the reader see what it would be like to walk in the shoes of Roi, Xazhar, and even madman Zhaim.
Marty Shaw, Reader Views.

"Fans of Sue Ann Bowling’s novel Homecoming will not be disappointed with its sequel. Tourist Trap returns the reader to the world of the Jarnian Confederation—to Roi, Lai, Marna, and all of their friends and relations. The author does a stellar job of bringing these characters to life, allowing the reader to not only see their actions but to understand the culture and politics that motivate them....
"Tourist Trap is refreshing, intelligent, and a great deal of fun. The already initiated will be thrilled with Bowling’s new book, and those who are new to the Jarnian Confederation will find it no less thrilling. All readers will finish it with satisfaction and look forward to the next installment.
Catherine Thorson, Clarion ForeWord Reviews. (Five star.)

"I didn’t think it could get better than “Homecoming,” but Bowling proved me wrong. The characters, already fully fleshed out and intriguing, have grown so much more, and continue to grow throughout the novel.

"Even peripheral characters are complete, with back stories and attributes. They exist outside the story, so their presence in the story is vital, rather than just being devices with which to move the plot along. Bowling is truly one of those authors whose books you devour, coming up sated but already hungering for another fix."