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Alaska is not a reasonable place to ship books to or from. If you want an autographed copy of either of my books, phone Gulliver's Books Store at 1-800-390-8999 to order and they will call me to come in and autograph a copy for you. If you want to order a hardcover , a trade paperback, or an e-book online, go to:

by Sue Ann Bowling

Pages: 324
Size: 6x9
ISBN: 9781450213158
Published: Mar-10
Price & Format:



E-Books, including Kindle, Sony and Nook(TM) formats, are  available from the online bookstores above.

The local bookstores below carry or have ordered Homecoming. Ask yours to order copies.

Alaska: Fairbanks; Gulliver's Books

Oklahoma: Pryor; Pryor Book Exchange

Bookstores: Homecoming is available from Ingram or Baker and Taylor. If you carry it let me know, and I'll put in a link to your store's website on this page.


The second book in the Jarnian Confederation series, Tourist Trap, has won the Garcia Award for best fiction book of the year! Tourist Trap is available from Amazon  or Barnes and Noble in hardcover, trade paperback or e-book format. It is also carried by the Alaskan Association of Authors at Fairs and craft shows in Alaska.

Also at the following Independant Book Stores:

Alaska: Fairbanks, Gulliver's Book Store

Oklahoma: Pryor, Pryor Book Exchange

Ask your favorite Indie store to stock it and contact me, and I'll put a link here.