talics indicate the person died before the start of the story.
—Human, captured into slavery. Friend of Snowy.
Ander—R'il'noid student at Tyndall, friend of Cory, two years older than Roi.
Ania Laian—infant daughter of Lai and Elyra, High R'il'noid.
Bera—R'il'nian, last Healer to survive in the Confederation, Lai's great-aunt.
Brak—Human, free, slave overseer for Derik.
Britt—Human engineer on the XP-13.
Çeren—R'il'noid. Developer of the Çeren index and method of laboratory production of R'il'noids.
Chip—Human, slave of Derik.
Cinda—Human communications expert on the XP-13.
Cloudy (Saroi)—Human, Lai's former lover.
Colo Kenarian—High R'il'noid, Inner Council.
Coryn K'Derik Tarlian (Cory)—High R'il'noid, son of Derik and Vara, student at Tydall, two years older than Roi.
Crowling—Human, ambassador to Palinor after the revolution there.
Davy—Human, slave, overseer.
Derik Tarlian (Derry)—High R'il'noid, Inner Council, expert xenotelpath.
Elik—Human navigator of the XP-13.
Elyra Faranian (Lyra)—High R'il'noid, Lai's lover and mother of Ania, geneticist and prominent member of the Genetics Board.
Feline—Human, former slave of Kuril, mother of Wif.
Fisan—R'il'noid, composer.
Flame—Human, born into slavery. Friend of Snowy.
Flick—Human, one-time fellow slave with Snowy.
Florian—R'il'noid, Roi's age, Nik's fosterling.
Geri—R'il'noid, head of the Enclave medical staff.
Janna—Human slave, Derik's deceased lover.
Jarn—R'il'nian, once stranded on Earth, remote ancestor of all modern Humans.
Jelarik (Jik)—High R'il'noid, head of Genetics Board.
Kaia Faranian—High R'il'noid, Inner Council, electronics and communication expert.
Kalar—Human medic of the XP-13.
Kim—R'il'noid, Nebol's assistant.
Korol—High R'il'noid.
Kuril—Human with strong R'il'noid characteristics. Slave owner.
Kyrie Talganian—R'il'noid, Adjudicator.
Lai—R'il'nian, last survivor of that species in the Confederation. Father of Zhaim and Tethya among the Inner Council members as well as other R'il'noids and Humans.
Loki Faranian—R'il'noid, dancer and choreographer.
Lukon—Human, one of Nik's medical assistants.
Lunia—High R'il'noid, Inner Council, expert at power draw.
Mako—High R'il'noid, Inner Council, expert at teleportation.
Malar—R'il'noid student at Tyndall, hanger-on of Xazhar.
Marna—R'il'nian, Healer, sole survivor of an epidemic on Riya.
Midnight--see Timi
Nebol—R'il'noid, Headmaster of the Tyndall School, where most of the students are R'il'noid.
Nik Tarlian—R'il'noid, physician, member of the Genetics Board.
Noon--see Snowy.
Nys—R'il'noid student at Tyndall.
Ramil—High R'il'noid, Inner Council.
Roi--see Snowy
Sheeran—R'il'noid student at Tyndall, hanger-on of Xazhar.
Snowyslave boy and dancer who discovers he is more than he thinks.
Sunrise--see Amber
Sunset--see Flame
Tarl—R'il'nian, father of Lai, Derik and Nik.
Tavia—High R'il'noid.
Tethya—High R'il'noid, Inner Council, Lai's daughter.
Timi—Human, captured into slavery. Friend of Snowy.
Tova—Human captain of the XP-13.
Tyr—Marna's mentor in Healing. Died in the epidemic.
Vara—R'il'noid, mother of Coryn.
Wif K'Roi Laian—infant High R'il'noid son of Roi and Feline.
Win—Marna's one-time lover. He died in the epidemic, but she still hears his voice.
Xazhar K'Zhaim Laian—High R'il'noid, student at Tyndall, Zhaim's son, leader of Roi's year-group.
Zhaim—High R'il'noid, Inner Council, Lai's heir, expert biotechnician.