While there are only a few animals treated as personalities in their own right in Homecoming, there are enough in Tourist Trap that readers might be confused. So I'll list them here.


KoKo: Bay gelding; Snowy's mount in the race with Coryn. Handy, good stamina but not quite as fast as Sundrop. (H)

Sundrop: Chestnut mare ridden by Coryn in the race. Faster than KoKo, but less endurance. (H)

Flight: Young black gelding, initially owned and being trained by Vara. Later given to Roi as a 16th birthday gift. I picture Flight as being in type like a large Thoroughbred-Morgan cross, with Thoroughbred predominating in temperament. (H, mentioned in TT)

Freckles: Penny's mount in Tourist Trap. He is a bay leopard (think Appaloosa) gelding, about 15.3 hands. Raindrop and Dusty are about the same size.

Raindrop's markings. Photo courtesy of Gail Lord.Raindrop: Roi's mount in Tourist Trap. She is a grulla mare with a spotted body blanket, very handy and responsive to Roi, but too much horse for most Company clients. The photo (courtesy of Gail Lord) is obviously of a much younger horse, but the markings are right.

Dusty: Timi's mount in Tourist Trap. He is a buckskin leopard gelding, rather lazy.

Token: Chestnut leopard mare, about 16 hands. Good riding horse when she is not in heat.

Splash: Varnish bay roan gelding with a small spotted blanket. He is the smallest of the Falaron horses, only about 14.3 hands.This horse has stockings and a blaze, but otherwise matches Splash's color and makings very well.

(By the way, a hand is 4", and a horse's height is measured at the withers—the highest point at the base of the neck. Technically, a horse under 14.2—58"—is a pony.)



Ruby: Red jewel female, just breeding age. Marna's special pet.

Citrine: The youngest tineral on the isolation satellite, a soft orange female. Like all of the tinerals on the satellite (and Windhome) she is a jewel.

Emerald: a young male on the isolation satellite, emerald green in color.

Forest: a nature tineral, with feathers laced in shades of green. One of the three who immediately claim Roi as their person.

Garnet: Jewel tineral infant, offspring of Ruby and an amethyst Windhome male.

Meadow: one of the nature tinerals attached to Roi. Laced feathers with bronze shafts shading out to copper, green and gold. All of Roi's pet tinerals come from isolated islands on Riya and are quite young.

Spring: Azure sky tineral, quite young, who adopts Lai. Her feather shade from white at the base to sky0blue at the tips and edges.

Desert: One of Roi's tinerals, with laced feathers in shades of gold, tan and brown.



Growler; Gray male, Penny's lead dog (red team)

Snowflake: White female, older than most and somewhat arthritic. Leader of the blue team (Timi and Amber.) Also slightly telepathic.

Nip: Black male, lead dog of the yellow team (Roi and Flame.)

Rust: Right wheel dog (next to the sled) of the yellow team.

Tarball: left wheel dog of the yellow team.

For the most part the hunting hounds Zhaim uses are not named, only described. The exception is the tan female, whom Roi dubs "Sandy."

Smoky: A blue merle herder type who does not come into the story directly, but is Roi's dog back on Central. Like Snowflake he is slightly telepathic, and Roi is interested in whether that characteristic can be bred for. (These two dogs will be among the foundation stock for the pocket herders, which are important characters in the trilogy I'm developing.)