About Horse Power

Ever wonder what happened to Timi and Amber after they left Roi at the end of Tourist Trap? Horse Power is available on Kindle for $.99. The blurb:

Roi is now the acknowledged heir to Lai, kept busy learning to be a member of the Inner council. Flame and Penny are still with him after their trip on Falaron, but Amber and Timi have become colonists on Horizon, a world Terraformed for stock rearing. It’s an idyllic planet, but the colonizing company has set things up in such a way that the colonists have a difficult time avoiding debt slavery.

Roi is sent to investigate the problem, but it appears that the colonizing company’s actions however immoral, are legal. All it seems he can do is see that Timi and Amber’s children at least have the pets they crave. But a few things have been forgotten over the centuries, and those “pets” may have a great influence on Horizon’s future.

Horse Power is a short story set after Tourist Trap, and a couple of centuries before the Horizon War trilogy (forthcoming.) Amazon Reviews are all 5-star except for one 4-star, and that's because the reader wanted more.

From the longer version of the 4-star review, by Candace Gauger:

As a whole, I loved the book.  It was a refreshing read that begs to be read over and over again.  Though I had bought it while it was free on Amazon, I found it to be well worth the normal price which is, currently, 99 cents.  She can get away with charging more for the quality and effort she put into this.

I give Horse Power a rating of four stars.  Why?  Because it feels like there should be more to the story.  I know the rest will be coming in the trilogy, but the wait is enough to make me pace.  The plot is strong with a strong world presence and equally appealing characters.

To which I reply: in the meantime, read Homecoming and Tourist Trap. And watch for free days on Horse Power.